Keizo Nakanishi Biography

March 1991 Debut by the song "Tangerine Eyes"(Pioneer LDC)
In this same year, the song "Choo Choo TRAIN", which he wrote for a dance group called "Zoo" became a million hit.
(the song was remixed by EXILE in 2003). This song was tune that represents 90's Japanese pop dance scene,and won the 13th JAM Advertising Music Competition Composing Award.

Next year 1992, his own song "Woman", which tie-up with TV commercial, became a hit song. That year, with this song, he won 34th Annual Japan Record Award for Best Composing of the year. And, he participated in NHK's 43rd Annual contest between male and female popular singers on New year's eve TV program. His album, "Steps" and "starting Over" achieved No.1 in the Original Confidence Chart.

In 1994, he participated in the temporary group "ICE BOX", and the single "Tsumetai Kiss" became a hit.

After 1995, he released songs with overseas artists such as wendy Moten, Peabo Bryson and Christina Aguilera. The song he worte for Peabo Bryson called "LIGHT THE WORLD" (a duet with Debie Gibson) was recorded in the album "Unconditional Love", which was nominated for the grammy Aword for Best Traditional R&B Vocal Prefomance.

In 1998, the song he wrote called "Timing" for "Black Biscuits"which was a temporary group for Japanese TV program "URINARI", became million hit.

Recently, he has been producing "Boyoyon Kohshinkyoku" and "Manmaru smlie" which gained great popularity as monthly song for a NHK program "Okaasan To Issho", and also sings "Power up TAISO".

From 2007, he has been producing "Uta-ehon" which is a reading and singing project for small children. And, he takes part in the music production for "Daikaiju Battle Neo" by Tsuburaya Production. Also, he holds concerts called "WA-OTO" with a Japanese transverse bamboo flute player, Yasukazu Kano, who lives in SADO, an island in Niigata Prefecture, and a jazz pianist Takana Miyamoto, who holds an US citizenship. Additionally, he holds concerts called "Neo Classic Concert" with a string music group "SEASONS", as well as he holds joint live with mezzo-sopranoist Aiko Mure.

For activites, he is producing "Okayama International Music Festival" which is his home ground. And also, he takes part in "Orange Ribbon Campaign" which an enlightenment movement against child abuse, and in the charities concerning welfare facilities. He continues to communicate through music beyond regions and countries by producing "Boyoyon Republic Project" which aims to send power to all the people.